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Modeling templates, roll of 500 Accessories Modeling templates, roll of 500
0,00 € *
Nail art pops 50 PCs Accessories Nail art pops 50 PCs
0,00 € *
Orange sticks Accessories Orange sticks
0,11 € *
0,46 € / 100 g
Cuticle knife Accessories Cuticle knife
0,29 € *
0,83 € / 100 g
Plastic bottle Accessories Plastic bottle
from 0,34 € *
0,34 € / 100 ml
NAIL-EON cuticle knife Accessories NAIL-EON cuticle knife
0,39 € *
0,51 € / 100 g
Cosmetic jar, double-walled Accessories Cosmetic jar, double-walled
from 0,40 € *
8,00 € / 100 ml
Dust brush Accessories Dust brush
from 0,45 € *
Cuticle stick Cuticle stick
 TM ? cuticle stick Accessories Cuticle stick Cuticle stick TM ? cuticle stick
0,45 € *
1,67 € / 100 g
Plastic container, empty, 3 ml Accessories Plastic container, empty, 3 ml
0,45 € *
0,71 € / 100 g
Color wheel display Accessories Color wheel display
0,45 € *
4,50 € / 100 g
Nail design dappen glass Accessories Nail design dappen glass
0,45 € *
Nail art stencils Accessories Nail art stencils
0,45 € *
Artificial nail pen, empty Accessories Artificial nail pen, empty
0,49 € *
Nail design silicone brush Accessories Nail design silicone brush
from 0,65 € *
French manicure templates Accessories French manicure templates
0,75 € *
2,34 € / 100 g
Plastic bottle with spray head, 250 ml Accessories Plastic bottle with spray head, 250 ml
0,75 € *
0,30 € / 100 ml
Funnel Accessories Funnel
0,75 € *
2,88 € / 100 g
Nail studio Fimo knife Accessories Nail studio Fimo knife
0,85 € *
Rotary tray Accessories Rotary tray
0,95 € *
Nail art spot swirl Accessories Nail art spot swirl
from 0,95 € *
1,90 € / 100 g
Cuticle spatula Accessories Cuticle spatula
1,30 € *
3,71 € / 100 g
Nail art mixing board Accessories Nail art mixing board
0,95 € *
5,00 € / 100 g
Pigment applicator set of 5 Accessories Pigment applicator set of 5
0,95 € *
Fingernail file protector Accessories Fingernail file protector
from 1,14 € *
2,85 € / 100 g
Nail scissors Accessories Nail scissors
from 1,25 € *
3,21 € / 100 g
Manicure tub Accessories Manicure tub
from 1,25 € *
1,12 € / 100 g
Elina hand and nail cream Accessories Elina hand and nail cream
1,25 € *
1,25 € / 100 g
Empty container - UV light-resistant Accessories Empty container - UV light-resistant
from 1,25 € *
Elina skin care cream Accessories Elina skin care cream
1,25 € *
1,14 € / 100 g
Nail tip box, empty Accessories Nail tip box, empty
from 1,25 € *
1,25 € / 100 g
Plastic bottle, empty, with screw top 250 ml Accessories Plastic bottle, empty, with screw top 250 ml
1,25 € *
0,50 € / 100 ml
UV Gel jar style”, 15 ml” Accessories UV Gel jar style”, 15 ml”
1,45 € *
9,67 € / 100 ml
Nail polish stand Accessories Nail polish stand
1,45 € *
1,93 € / 100 g
Black nail art nipper Accessories Black nail art nipper
1,45 € *

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Trolleys and Cases
Do you want to expand your business and offer a mobile service to reach customers who do not live near a nail studio, live in the country or at the edge of town or who don’t have time to go to a studio... Cheap cases and beauty trolleys for mobile nail sa
Designing pretty nails looks easier than it is. Practice and skill is certainly important for perfect nail design. But that is not all. But as with handicrafts, talent is of little help if...Nail tools and nail art equipment for french manicure and pedicu
User our NDED brushes to develop your designs the way you and your friends or acquaintances desire. Our brushes in the NDED nail store are available in the widest variety of designs so that, along with various viscosities... Nail brush kits and nail art s
Bottles and Jars
In your business the customer should be ale to see which products can be purchased from which manufacturer. After all the logo for good products from well-known manufacturers brings forth trust and shows competence. Furthermore, ... Nail bottles and uv ge
Cotton Pads & Foil Nail Wraps
Vast selection of first class swabs, cotton pads and cellulose swabs for nail modeling and nail design. They are all lint free and absorb liquids well. They are ideal for cleaning the nails between layers after curing, to disinfection and cleaning of skin
Hand Pads
With our handrests, hand pads, nail hand pillow you can create a spontaneous feeling of comfort so that your friends and acquaintances feel even more relaxed and you can spontaneously keep your hand very calm. Because the hands on our NDED handrests are o
To optimally serve your customers, hygiene at the workplace is essential. This is true for your private home or in your exclusive business. To start with, all necessary materials should be present: Hygiene in the nail salon...
Storage and Displays
We offer various storage possibilities: A brush storage boxes and nail polish displays in pink or white that is perfectly suited to storing nail art brushes. Our cellulose swab dispenser in a trendy design offers room for 500...
Education and Training
Nail design training, DVD instructions, training, video and films for artificial fingernails. Nail designer is not an on-the-job training career, like so many jobs in the beauty industry, but is based on extra training. It takes more than a few short atte
Nail Forms
Would you like to beautify your nails easily but effectively? Whether it be white flower patterns for a wedding, Christmas trees, angels at Christmas or a fun design for summer vacation. With our original Konad templates, dual nail systems and reusable me
Hand Care + Manicure
Manicure, foot care sets, hand care kits and pedicure - groomed hands a “business card” for a woman. This is why hand care and manicures are so important. To do this, of course, one needs the right tools. Start with a hand exfoliation and apply cuticle re
Nail art tools and accessories for nail design manicures and pedicures

Nail design accessories, nail art tools and salon supplies for gel nails at the best pries with top brands. From UV gel brushes, cellulose pads or empty containers to a mobile nail studio, you’ll find everything at NDED. Behind the perfect appearance of a modelled fingernail is not only a lot of work but also skill and creativity. This can only work perfectly on the nail when the optimal nail design accessories are used.  The high-quality products, which meet European standards, are located here in our “accessories - supplies” store category. Nail salon accessories for home use, but also for nail studio owners, & of course, for retailers can be ordered in smaller and larger containers and amounts. With the nail art brushes you can, for example, paint the finest lines and conjure up an artistic design on the nail. So you can always select the right brush size, our nail art brush set has six different brushes. The corresponding brush cleaning containers make sure you have the longest possible use of your nail brushes. For ergonomic work & relaxed nail care, we recommend velvet soft manicure handrests. Artificial fingernails, D-tips and other tip shapes complete every design selection, at home or in the nail salon. You’ll attract attention with a trendy, creative airbrush look. Nail art airbrush tips make it possible for you to have the most imaginative nail design creations.  Is something missing from our selection of accessories? Please contact our service team at +49 (0) 2421/3889981 - we are constantly adding supplies products to our selection. With professional nail studio accessories you can make professional nail designs - use our years of experience for perfect nails!

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