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Test Kits

nded sample acrylic set Test Kits nded sample acrylic set
6,24 € *
nded sample UV gel set Test Kits nded sample UV gel set
4,24 € *
nded surprise package Test Kits nded surprise package
31,00 € *
28,44 € / 1000 g
Buy cheap test nail kits and sample gel sets containing nail tools and nail supplies for use at home

The production of sample sets of artificial fingernails for nail studios is not easy and requires practice. If you are not sure if you really want to learn modelling of artificial nails, you shouldn’t start by purchasing an expensive set and a large amount of gels, but by selecting an inexpensive sample set with small packages of everything needed to start. We have two gel sample sets in our product range that contain various products and are inexpensive. If you want to get to know the materials and try modelling of gel nails, you’ll like the inexpensive set. The sets do not include expensive equipment for quick hardening of nails, extras for decorating as well as nail jewelry and tools for nail care because these things are not necessary for making gel nails A similar sample set is available to try nail modelling with acrylic. The easy to handle samples include primer, clear acrylic powder, liquid and 10 tips. This is just the right size to practice and try out. The best thing about our samples is that they are the same quality as all of our products. These are not cheap sample sets and test kits of lower quality that will make your life difficult and are of poor quality, but are the product samples from our selection that sales representatives give to professional nail artists and large nail studios to introduce the diversity of our products. Of course you can order these as sample sets as samples for home.

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