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Nail files, buffers and polishing blocks – 4-sided file block buffer
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No matter whether the natural nail for the subsequent nail modeling prepared to be or but the artificial nail polished while working must be our buffer filing block on four sides, it allows the Nail designers, thanks to the easy-grip shape, to work quickly and accurately. Not only in nail salons, the product finds its use, but Many also use these practical helpers for home use. Thanks the 240 grit sanding the nails is a breeze. Within a short time, the desired result is achieved and the work cannot go on. The nail not only can this product be grind off, it can be used also for buffing the nail before a new layer to gel or acrylic. Many Studios have several buffer + polishing blocks, since these essential accessories are used in every day. Private households, the use the product at home, often only one, because it does not have so often used and the article promises thanks to its Studio quality quickly a long shelf life, without to wear out. There are the 4 sided buffer filing block in different Colors, as for example pink, green, purple and blue. Who it but rather like subtle and less noticeable, there is the article in White. Do not hesitate and order the buffer today in Make sure Studio quality from our products.

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