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Soccer nail stickers for a perfect nail art
The color of the images may differ.

Nail Tattoos are perfect for fast creations of Nail Art and are suitable during seasonal events like the Football World Cup or European Championship.  Depending on which country or which team is prioritized by the wearer, the nail stickers are available in all varieties and can be applied quickly and easily on artificial nails as well as on the natural nail. To keep a long-lasting and secure look with our Soccer Nail Tattoos, we recommend a good preparation and cleaning of the nail surface.
It would be ideal to prepare the nail gently with the buffer, so that the Nail Tattoo won’t slip during applying on the sealing gel. The nail sticker which is chosen for the nail should be cut out and soaked  briefly in water.
Using a tweezer the motif can be removed carefully from the carrier foil and can be placed at a desired location on the nail. The little sticker fits perfectly on the surface of the nail and can be fixed with a sealing gel or a top coat from our nded range. With that application a long-lasting look is guaranteed.


1 step: After modelling your nail, you can start with the Nail Art.

2 step: Cut out the desired motif.

3 step: The motif you have cut out, let it soak in a bowl of water.

4 step: Take out the motif from the water and gently pull it off the foil by using a pair of tweezers

5 step: Now you can place the image onto the desired location.

6 step: After that you can seal the nail with the help of a top coat or sealing gel.

Our advice:

Before  using  the Nail Art Tattoos you should roughen your nail with a help of a buffer.
Because of that you will achieve a better stability of the tattoo and with the use of a sealing gel or top coat it won’t slip from the desired location


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