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Best blossoms and flowers for sexy nails

Flowers are beautiful. They smell pretty, they light up in many colors and they are a sign of summer. It’s no wonder that they are a favorite theme in interior design, appear repeatedly on clothes and in jewelry and are even design objects in the Japanese art of Ikebana. Flowers and blossoms fascinate us because they represent complete artworks from nature that are also used for reproduction and therefore have an erotic aura. And when thinking of the excitement of the flowers painted by Georgia O’Keeffe, what is better than wanting to decorate the hands of beautiful women with flowers and blossoms. Nail art design flowers are small artificial flowers in five bright colors and a decent beige that can turn your nails into a field of flowers. The small nail art inserts are not as elegantly designed but thanks to their sleek design you can use these to let your imagination run wild. These can be used on natural nails as well as artificial nails because the nail art blossoms and flowers are placed in soft UV gel or acrylic and are then fixed securely in place once the nails have hardened. Durable small Nail Art highlights, that match every nail design thanks to the different colors and the sleek shape, but are particularly good for colorful works or art. As with all items, we also offer staggered prices for these products: Bulk packages like those in nail studios are relatively less expensive.

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