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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Instrument Sterilizer Ultrasonic Cleaner Instrument Sterilizer
11,87 € *
ahd 1000 250ml disinfectant Ultrasonic Cleaner ahd 1000 250ml disinfectant
10,11 € *
40,44 € / 1000 ml
Sterilisatorenkugeln Ultrasonic Cleaner Sterilisatorenkugeln
11,06 € *
85npc 500ml Hand and Foot Disinfectant Gel (Supplement) Ultrasonic Cleaner 85npc 500ml Hand and Foot Disinfectant Gel (Supplement)
7,14 € *
14,28 € / 1000 ml
Professional sterilizer-disinfector Ultrasonic Cleaner Professional sterilizer-disinfector
148,08 € *
UV sterilizer sanitizer Ultrasonic Cleaner UV sterilizer sanitizer
94,80 € *
Ultrasonic Cleaner UC-002 Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner UC-002
161,30 € *
Disinfection bath 1,3L turquoise Ultrasonic Cleaner Disinfection bath 1,3L turquoise
23,71 € *
Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean 35 Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean 35
290,32 € *
Woson autoclave Tancy 2L type D Ultrasonic Cleaner Woson autoclave Tancy 2L type D
1.387,05 € *
an angel wall dispenser 500ml Ultrasonic Cleaner an angel wall dispenser 500ml
19,89 € *
Silicone gasket D 0010 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone gasket D 0010
43,46 € *
Silicone gasket D 0018 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone gasket D 0018
47,41 € *
Silicone gasket D 0023 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone gasket D 0023
47,41 € *
Silicone gasket D 0007 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone gasket D 0007
43,46 € *
Silicone seal D 0002 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone seal D 0002
38,88 € *
Silicone gasket D 0018 Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone gasket D 0018
43,46 € *
Silicone seal D 0023+ Ultrasonic Cleaner Silicone seal D 0023+
47,41 € *
Sleeve welder selenium wax Ultrasonic Cleaner Sleeve welder selenium wax
483,55 € *
Wholesale ultrasonic cleaner supplies

Not only professional hand and foot care must adhere to the highest hygienic standards, but cleanliness is also important in “simple nail studios”. Most equipment needs more than a surface cleaning, but should also be thoroughly cleaned with manicure ultrasound cleaning equipment. This is the only way to remove the finest particles from nails, artificial nails or skin. Pedicure ultrasound cleaners are modern and efficient types of cleaning equipment, they work very quietly and quickly and can be set up even on the smallest work station. Many (not all) germs that can lead to infections in the nail and cuticle are destroyed in the ultrasound cleaners. This protects your own health as well as that of your customers. And you will be convincing for your clientele with this equipment for hygiene in the studio, after all, ultrasound equipment for cleaning jewelry and eyewear have been in use in private homes for a long time now. Since the equipment works with water and without the addition of aggressive cleaners, you don’t have to worry about keeping your equipment and pedicure tools clean in them. The water does not attack the material. Of course, the same thing applies to the smaller nail designers. Our pedicure ultrasound cleaning equipment are technically perfect and meet European standards. For smaller manicure equipment, we can even offer you a staggered price - to make it worthwhile to equip each workstation in your studio with an ultrasound cleaner. There is a 3 year warranty on the equipment. Best ultrasonic cleaner is an essential product to maintain tools for manicures, implements and pedicures.

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