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Nail studio equipment – NAIL EON nail dust vacuum
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One of the most important health risks in the field of nail modeling is the fine dust that is produced when filing or milling natural and artificial nails. This fine dust is in the air and can be inhaled. An allergy or, in the worst case, a void can occur as a result. But the dust is also unpleasant on the skin, on the nail studios and the work environment, so that the cleaning and care needs are increased. The Naileon Nagelstudio dust extraction makes up for these problems.

With a power of 23 watts, this dust extractor is a true power pack for the nail studio. The device consists of a practical hand rest, on which the own hands or the customers rest during the treatment. The device is switched on by means of the push-button before the file is filleted. The entire accumulated dust is suctioned off and safely enclosed in the filter bag. The device is very quiet and therefore does not disturb in the feel-good ambiente of a professional nail studio. In addition, the device is very energy efficient. With a size of 110 mm x 310 mm x 320 mm (W x L x H), dust extraction is very compact and fits perfectly into every working area.

If the filter is full, it can simply be removed and cleaned under running water. To maintain the appliance itself, it is sufficient to wipe it regularly with a damp cloth. NAIL-EON Nagelstudio Staubabsaugung - Premium table suction for the nail model and manicure as well as pedicure.

0.304 Meters (m)
0.281 Meters (m)
0.136 Meters (m)
Before filing, switch on the device with the push button. All accumulated dust is suctioned off and stored securely in the filter bag.

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