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Hair Care

Hair Extensions Heat Tongs black Hair Care Hair Extensions Heat Tongs black
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Strands foil 250m x 0.014 mm Hair Care Strands foil 250m x 0.014 mm
11,87 € *
Valera Swiss Light 5400 Hair Dryer Hair Care Valera Swiss Light 5400 Hair Dryer
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Jaguar curling brush T-310 40 mm Hair Care Jaguar curling brush T-310 40 mm
15,41 € *
Buy hair care products and a variety of beauty supplies for every need
Beautiful hair and a fashionable haircut are part of a groomed appearance and highlight your individual charisma. However, anyone who has naturally strong and glossy hair still has to care for it to keep it healthy and beautiful. This applies in particular to thin, weak, fragile hair or hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments such as coloring or permanents. It needs care. To do this, use hair care products designed for your hair type. Whether greasy hair, fine hair or normal hair, our store for natural cosmetics and natural hair care has a rich selection.

Our range includes everything you need for thorough and gentle hair care. Shampoo cleans the hair and should be particularly mild, especially when used daily. When selecting the product, consider whether you have dry or greasy hair, whether you have dandruff and an itchy scalp or if your hair type is more normal. All of the shampoos have natural plant extracts that are effective. Chemical preservatives and perfumes are not used. Natural scents conjure the fresh scents into the hair. Cream rinses make it easier to comb hair - especially long or curly hair. These are part of good hair care as much as a conditioner that provides rich moisture and nutrients and which should be used at regular intervals, depending on the hair’s needs.

Thorough and gentle hair care also includes the proper treatment of your hair. Too many chemicals, such as from coloring or bleaching hair or the use of permanents, can seriously damage your hair. High-quality and natural-based care is particularly important in this case. Therefore, you should avoid bleaching or coloring your hair immediately after a permanent. In the worst case, the hair can be so damaged that only scissors will help or it will break. Give your hair a bit of time to recover before the next treatment and care for it in the meantime with natural cosmetic hair care. If you have greasy hair, you should not wash it with hot water. Only use lukewarm water to rinse your hair. If you have dry hair, be careful not to set the dryer too high because the heat can dry the hair out even more. And while styling the hair, the right styling products are important to keep the hair healthy and beautiful. Our natural cosmetic hair care range contains everything you know for natural styling. Your hair will thank you!

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