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Nivea shampoo building intense repair 250 ml - healthy hair
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Damaged and damaged hair looks to the well. It seems brittle and dull, hair breakage and split ends are often unpleasant side effects. With the Nivea shampoo building intense repair 250ml is again glossy hair and looks healthy and supple.

Beauty treatment for damaged hair

In the Nivea shampoo intense repair construction ensures a special formulation,. that hair is supplied with important substances. The contained oils and Proteins Act up in the structure of the hair and make it back here to continue reduces split ends and hair breakage. Thus the already affected hair not even more burdened, the formulation of shampoo is very mild. For Provides suppleness, which is not only visible, but also felt it identical to the hair keratin, which itself puts a protective layer around each hair and it will strengthen from the inside out.

Re pair application for every day

Due to the mild-acting ingredients, the Nivea is building intense shampoo Repair suitable for daily use. The shampoo is massaged into the required Quantity to damp hair. A short exposure time increases the Effect. Then the shampoo is rinsed thoroughly and the hair may as usual, continued with treatment and doctored. It is reinforced regenerating effect due to the application of other care products from the Intense repair series.


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