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nded pastel color gel

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You wish to give your nail modeling a subtle design. With our nded pastel color gel, you can model your nails in soft shades to match the occasion and situation – wedding or work alike.


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nded pastel color gel Color Gel
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Nail design with UV gel: Pastel color gel

You want to make your nails inconspicuous and nevertheless maintained, but there should not be a brightly color? Then, the nded pastel colour gel is exactly right for you. It is discreetly kept in the color palette and lasts longer than a conventional Nail Polish. You can apply this color gel desire either directly on the primer gel or directly on the building gel. It does not matter whether you want to simply enhance your natural nails or artificial nails model. Application can be done easily, because it automatically smoothes out himself and thanks to its middle viscosity, it can be particularly well processed. To achieve a good cure of a such UV gel & color gel, it is recommended to install this because of the color pigments, in a thin layer of gel on the nail. Only to have to ensure that the complete layer UV light illuminated gel and thereby a better durability is given. Your chosen pastel is however somewhat too discreet, you can apply additional thin coats of gel on the nail and allow to harden, until you have reached your desired shade. With this nail design UV color gel make a good choice, since it is nail Studio-quality sound, in different pastel, available for a small price with us.

Medium viscosity

thin medium thick
UV suitable

Create durable and robust nails using UV gels and the appropriate accessories. UV gels are available in various colours and consistencies. They can be cured using UV-lamp or CCFL lamp, in ca. 120 seconds. Items labeled with this seal are designed for UV-gel technique.


Do you have allergies but still want beautiful nails? Then just use acid-free gel suitable for people with allergies.

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per niente coprente..giusto se volete dare un tocco di brillantinato.. ma a me non piace!
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