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Wholesale UV gel and cheap LED color gels for gel nails and supplies

The growing number of professional nail salons using our products is a sign that we meet high demands on product selection and quality requirements. As a private user you can take advantage of the experience reflected in the LED UV gel nails products in our portfolio for excellent results when you create and do your nail design yourself. The items offered by Nail Design Exclusive Discovery and the corresponding refill sets are also shipped in original packages at reasonable prices. The corresponding categories show all products required for perfect modelling of your artificial fingernails. This includes, for example, the Vylet-Nails Elements bonding gel for gel nails that ensures long durability and best adhesion. Euro-Line LED phase gels naturally go on smooth and have an adhesive strengthener. The problem nail set, which we developed and manufacture ourselves, also makes adhesion on extremely problematic nails possible. You can select any product, because the category covers a wide range of products, including the items that work with the very popular french gel nails. And of course our wide range of products also includes nail design UV building gels, color gels as well as the appropriate sealing gel in various designs and package sizes. Take a look through our color gel category. Wholesale UV gel and cheap LED color gels for gel nails and supplies. It leaves nothing to be desired! Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).

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