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Cleaning, disinfection, removal in the nail studio: Nail polish remover, free of acetone
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You want to free your sensitive nails from old paint, without they are attacked? Then consider our nded nail polish remover Acetone-free use. Her nails, no matter whether artificial or natural nail, be carefully edited and faint after using our Nagellackentferners not. Also, your skin is not dried out and you can immediately after Use the Remover applied a new coat, because no moisturising Substances on the nail to fall behind. Recommend for correct usage We you, the nail polish remover with our lint free pads to use. Soak the cellulose swab, or an other absorbent material, using the acetone-free nail polish remover and gently remove the to removing paint from a nail. For a perfect, new paint job should No paint residue on nails are longer. Thanks to the nail and mild ingredients you can creative nail design free rein and try new designs and colors, to You completely satisfied are suitable to any occasion and outfit. You can take our nail polish remover for any Nail Polish, also to the Cleaning your Stampingutensielen. Your stencils and stamps are perfectly clean without any residues. Choose nail polish remover today our nded, finding see liquids at the articles for cleaning, disinfection +. Distance. do you your nails something Good and order today to the outrageous, price in top Quality.

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