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Nail soakers for soak off nail modeling
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Who offers the soak off nail modeling and practice, will know how easy is removing the gel layer of the nail. With the help of Removing this Soakers is a breeze and it facilitates the shedding Model able to many times. This product has been specifically designed for this purpose developed. You will receive 10 nail Soaker - per bottle sufficient for Removal of a complete nail modeling with 10 fingers. This accessory should be missing in any Studio, where the soak-off method is offered. The Application is very simple and easily explained. First of all, she must Nail modeling with a buffer or a file be roughened. Buffer, files and other tools, see our online shop. The nail Soaker is available approx. up to half of the Milky container with the Soak-off gel of Solver liquid filled. Following the finger will be careful introduced into the open area. The exposure time is approximately 15-20 minutes and then, you can remove the nail soak off nail Soaker. Given that not all Gels can be completely removed, it is still necessary, the leftover Gel residue with a cuticle knife or rosewood sticks to replace. In the If the finger is cleaned and disinfected and with a Moisture care are provided. We sell only high-quality studio quality products - see also You from our offer.

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