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Colour wheel display for the presentation of your creations of for practicing


In the nails and nail design involves a lot of accessories for the storage and display for the presentation. With our NDED color wheel you can present perfect your nail polish or your color gels display. Furthermore, the display can be used to practice in, for example, for painting the nails. Also, different designs of nail art can be tried out. This is especially useful if you have lots of ideas for beautiful nail art is but not sure how it looks on the nail. It can be removed from the display, if you don't like, it can remain however as a template on the color wheel. The display can be used repeatedly as his material made of plastic is very resistant to nail polish remover and other solvents. Nail Polish can be applied simply and then again from painted to decorate the display, for example, new. Well, the different shades of nail polish can be compared on the display. In order to test how the color gels to harmonize with each other, or whether you can win a new tone, by combining two color gels, the display is also ideal. We offer you the highest quality of our products. You can trust our experience of the manufacturer. Test us, our products and our service, you will be totally excited and confident.


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