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Storage and Displays

Color wheel display Storage and Displays Color wheel display
0,45 € *
4,50 € / 100 g
Brush holder Storage and Displays Brush holder
1,95 € *
Nail designer brush bag Storage and Displays Nail designer brush bag
2,95 € *
Nail design dappen glass Storage and Displays Nail design dappen glass
0,45 € *
Nail Art Pop Stand Storage and Displays Nail Art Pop Stand
12,45 € *
12,97 € / 100 g
Nail tip box, empty Storage and Displays Nail tip box, empty
from 1,25 € *
1,25 € / 100 g
Cotton Pads Cellulose Swab Dispenser Storage and Displays Cotton Pads Cellulose Swab Dispenser
17,45 € *
33,56 € / 1000 g
Nail polish stand Storage and Displays Nail polish stand
1,45 € *
1,93 € / 100 g
Nail Design Brush holder Storage and Displays Nail Design Brush holder
from 2,95 € *
Rotary tray Storage and Displays Rotary tray
0,95 € *
Bit holder Storage and Displays Bit holder
2,45 € *
Nail art pops 50 PCs Storage and Displays Nail art pops 50 PCs
0,00 € *
Presentation display around Storage and Displays Presentation display around
3,17 € *
Nail Art Display small T44 Storage and Displays Nail Art Display small T44
9,89 € *
Best nail polish displays and storage boxes sytems for nail art salons

The work station for nail design should be uncluttered and well organized. Things have to be organized for everything to have a place on the table and within easy reach. There are many items available to store the various tools and equipment. Take your time and look through our extensive selection of artificial fingernails and you will find many utensils that will make the storage of your working materials easier. Our brush box in pink or white is well suited for storing Nail Art brushes. Our brush bag is the perfect storage possibility. The brushes can be slipped into the holder and when the bag is closed the brushes are protected from dust and soiling. The brush hairs cannot be bent off. For easy access to your cellulose swabs and to keep them protected from dust and soil on your work station our cellulose swab dispenser is the best solution. This has room for a roll of 500 swabs and is also in a trendy design. It’s best to store your nail tips in our sorting boxes, we have a large selection of these. Our selection in the artificial fingernail store includes many pots, plastic bottles and spray bottles that you can use for many liquids. Our rotary tray is the perfect place to store your rhinestones or glitter dust. The nail polish can be excellently displayed sorted by color on the nail polish display. To present the painted nail polishes use our color wheel display to paint with your own colors. Storage boxes sytems and polish displays for nail designs.

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