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Nail modeling accessories – plastic modeling templates
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Many dream of beautiful and manicured hands with beautiful nails. Beautiful nails need not remain a dream. The nails are exposed to many loads in everyday life what they often break or tear can be. Also they can splinter. This not only not nice looks, it can hurt some really deep down the nails. But the can to be cast. Through a nail modeling, get the nails more stability and look nice and neat. For a modelling involves a lot of business equipment, accessories and various templates, depending on what one wants to work for a model location or with which nail design. Nail tips can be used to get the nails to a certain length. Many want to use but no artificial fingernails. Our NDED modelling reusable stencils made of plastic are the perfect alternative. With these templates, you can extend finger nail tips without having to glue tips. The templates can be reused and are suitable for acrylic and UV gel systems. You get five templates in the packaging unit. Rely on our experience manufacturer, through which we can offer you high quality of our products. You will be thrilled by our templates for the nail extension, especially if you want long nails.

0.035 Meters (m)
0.009 Meters (m)
0.012 Meters (m)

Step 1: Prepare the nails (push back the cuticles, shorten the nails, roughen the nails with a buffer).

Step 2: Position the sculpting form directly under the natural nail. Please make sure that the sculpting form sits correctly.

You can now start nail sculpting as usual.

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