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Nail modeling accessories – modeling templates made from metal
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It is not easy to achieve evenly grown natural nails. A nail breaks off, and the overall picture is not more beautiful. There are different ways to achieve a fabulous nail length. Due to our offered systems for the nails like acrylic (powder, liquid), gel (base, build-up, French, color and sealing gel) and fibre-glass, are art nail tips in all versions as also templates for the natural nail extension with us as an accessory available. Possibly, you will have a certain idea, a goal as your nails will look like after an art model location. Professional-tips, which must be affixed to the prepared nail plate gives a wonderful result. However, not every woman feels comfortable at the thought of wearing an artificial nail. Our metal stencils can be used to model also durable and stable extensions. They are pushed under the short nail edges of roughened, disinfected and treated with primer nails flush and pressed down with the adjacent brass bracket at the lower finger joint. When the positioning that the model location template to form a line with the natural direction of growth of your nails. Now you can continue with your usual development technique. Printed lines will facilitate a uniform approach. The metal workers are hygienically to clean and can be used several times. Order our products at incredibly low prices. High quality and top service characterize us — still benefit.

0.104 Meters (m)
0.05 Meters (m)
0.022 Meters (m)

Step 1: Preparation of the nails (push back the cuticles, shorten the nails, roughen the nails with a buffer).

Step 2: Position the sculpting form directly under the natural nail. Please make sure that the sculpting form sits correctly.

Step 3: Press the sides above the finger to prevent slipping.

You can now start nail sculpting as usual.

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