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Modeling templates, roll of 500
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Are you dissatisfied with her short nails? Don't worry, you benötigennur, together with other accessories, special templates, to longer nails to get. The modeling templates, provide 500 a perfect alternative to extend with hints. These can be obtained hoof-like templates on a roll with 500 pieces, in round or square. These are suitable for gel and acrylic systems. To these templates to apply for a gel model location, proceed as follows before: Remove the horseshoe shapes from the adhesive and glue You this just below the nail tip firmly. The Horseshoe must be back the district close, without being ver knickt. Carry one On bonding agent to the natural nail and let this dry. Then apply a thin layer of sticky gel that must be cured. The subsequent layer of sweating does not remove, directly working with the next building gel. Spread a thick bead, with circular movements, until on the template and this cure. The layer of sweat with a remove cleaner, and then remove the template. Control and liberate that with a fine file Nail edges of gel and tarnish then the surface of the nail. Enter Finally still a sealing gel on the nails. All of the other , products required are even varieties with high Studio quality with us. Use one of these cheap Variant Nail extension using the modelling templates and decide sign up now for an alternative nail extension.


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