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Nail design cleaning, disinfectant + removal – Bacillol 30 Foam
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Specifically, when it comes to the workplace disinfect germs and bacteria no chance of survival for allow, it is important that you the right disinfectant hand has. Not every surface can be edited by any means. Special for sensitive surfaces, including MAKROLON, Plexiglas and Plysulfon count, there the Bacillol 30 foam 750ml disinfectant, which from the Comes home Hartmann Bode. The liquid is already ready for use and it is a fast cleaning, disinfection + removal liquid. Particularly suitable is the Bacillol for disinfection by UV lamps, desks and dust extraction systems. The product contains 30% alcohol and can also in the sanitary area (toilet, wash basin) are applied. It works but only restricted to viruses (including HIV, HBV and HCV). Separately to this bottle You can purchase the spray head, so that you spray foam, similar to When the glass cleaner for cleaning produce can. After the liquid has been applied, it is again wiped with a cloth. The product is colorless and fragrance free. Under no circumstances may this disinfectant for the Disinfection be used by open wounds or skin disinfection. For this purpose, we provide separate funds. Our high-quality Products for hand disinfection, see the store liquids Studio quality / Cleaning & disinfecting.


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