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nded hygienic spray Hygiene nded hygienic spray
from 4,50 € *
Mouth guard Hygiene Mouth guard
4,85 € *
Mouth guard Rosé Hygiene Mouth guard Rosé
4,85 € *
Nitrile gloves Hygiene Nitrile gloves
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Sterillium classic pure Hygiene Sterillium classic pure
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Sterillium classic pure 1000 ml Hygiene Sterillium classic pure 1000 ml
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nded hygienic spray 5000 ml Hygiene nded hygienic spray 5000 ml
31,50 € *
Vylet-Nails hygienic spray Hygiene Vylet-Nails hygienic spray
10,71 € *
Latex disposable gloves 100 PCS Hygiene Latex disposable gloves 100 PCS
from 10,45 € *

Hygiene with masks and gloves, for cleanliness in the nail salon

Cleanliness and hygiene in a nail studio are just as important as the right tools and working materials. Your workplace must absolutely be kept clean. It doesn’t matter if your nail studio is in private rooms or in a rented business. Hygiene is essential. You need certain materials for hygiene, and these should be with you from the start. This always includes disinfectants, ultrasound cleaners, manicure baths, gloves, cellulose swabs and masks. For every professional nail designer, preventing the transmission of illnesses should be a matter of fact.   To keep your work area really clean, you should clean it at least once a day. This includes all work areas as well as the UV equipment, drills and lamps. Use a disinfectant for this. You should use a disinfected file for every customer you treat. It’s even better to use a separate file for each customer. To prevent dust from accumulating in the lungs, it is important that all equipment be wiped down with a wet cloth regularly. A table vacuum is particularly helpful here. It’s best to wear a mask while working and wipe the floor once a day. Since gels and acrylics give off fumes, just like other liquids such as primers, nail polish, nail polish remover, etc., good ventilation is essential to avoid these fumes from getting into the airways. To prevent allergies, you should always wear gloves.

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