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Manicure tub
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Our hands and nails are a showpiece and will be assessed every day not only by us, but also our fellow human beings. So, there is no question that the nails and hands should be maintained. Especially if you every day has to do with people. Not always of course in the nail salon or the professional must be called there is this manicure tray, with the man softly and gently his nails and fingers for the manicure + manicure can prepare at home. The tray is ergonomically shaped and the palms of the hands can be set on relaxed, so that fingers and nails in a water bath can be immersed and soaked. In addition to a traditional water bath with warm, soapy water, lemon or orange oil can be alternatively mixed in water. This ensures a smoother skin and is often used for dry or brittle nails. This accessory makes it possible that excess cuticle can be removed, for example, more easily because it previously was soaked and with the help of a UV softer and gentler cannot be pushed back. It is important that it not cut cuticles, because when damage to the nail bed of the nail can be infringes or violates in its growth. If you like colorful like it, can the manicure tray in red translucent order, but also white and clear trays are available. You receive high-quality Studio with NDED.


Step 1: Preparation of the nails (push back the cuticles, shorten the nails, roughen the nails with a buffer).

Step 2: Stick the sculpting form on to the natural nail in the desired position. To achieve a perfect smile line, please make sure that the sculpting form sits correctly, in order to prevent the gel from seeping.

Step 3: Apply the chosen gel on to the nails.      

Step 4: Remove the sculpting form before curing the nail.

Step 5: Cure the nail in the UV lamp. "Manicure Tip

Step 6: File the nails to the desired length and shape with a fine file (in our Shop: art. no.: 4335 or 4304, 240/240 grit). When filing, make sure you always file in one direction. If you file back and forth, the nail tip roughens causing it to break or split easier.

Step 7: Soak the fingers in lukewarm water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Our manicure tub, article no.: 9289, available in various colours, is ideal for this. Now the cuticles are nice and soft for the further treatment. Dry the hands afterwards.

Step 8: Apply some cuticle remover, article no.: 4037, on to the cuticles and let is soak in. Now you can carefully push back the cuticles using a rosewood stick.

Step 9: If you would like to buff the nails to a high gloss in order to reduce any discolouration or to correct any unevenness, use our nail buffer, article no.: 4315.

Step 10: Finally treat the hands with a good quality hand cream. Our hand cream, article no.: 4092, is a perfect choice. The hand creams is easy to apply and is absorbed quickly.

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