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Elina skin care cream for strong and shiny finger nails
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Also beautiful hands and nails belong to a manicured appearance. The hands should be maintained and should make the skin look smooth. Rough hands are not only unsightly, they can entail even more damage to the skin. The hands are exposed to large loads in everyday life. By various influences, which include also cold, water or various cleaning products, the hands can be rough and attacking the skin. It is even more important to a good hand cream that can be applied several times a day if necessary. There are lots of accessories for the hand care + manicure. This includes also our Elina cream skin care. The hand & Cream is the perfect care for stressed hands. You gives the skin new smoothness and gives her valuable ingredients. The cream is packaged in a handy size of 75 ml. Thus, she can be taken also comes in handy in a handbag and is always ready to point. We offer our experience as a manufacturer of cosmetic products, highest quality in our products, that they all get. Convince yourself of the nourishing effect of our hand cream and maintain your hands and nails. You will be envied for your beautiful hands by others.

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