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Nail design training set for nail modeling techniques
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For a good modeling, the accessories are next to exercise very important. Training + instructions are important points, the profession as Always accompany nail Designer. Are not always sufficient training opportunities Therefore our NDED nail design is given, set coach the perfect complement for your materials. Get one with a wide variety Table clamp, as well as 100 practice nails 20 units each in five sizes. A video instruction manual and a written instruction manual to complete the set. The nail design is faithfully trainer practice hand patterned after. It is used on a flexible arm and has about Finger joints that has realistic fingertips. Can the practice nails be replaced. For training purposes, the hand model to human is Models perfectly suited, it adversely affected themselves, is not under any Pressed for time and forgive even minor injuries that do not occur naturally should. To perfect the work of trainer is in Cosmetic institutes and for short training courses around the world. Through the supplied clamp model hand can simply be attached to the table. And the exercise according to your heart's content go to perfect nails to be worked. There is no better Ability to optimize its work speed or new Skills to acquire, for even better results in the nail modeling and nail art are important.  

0.443 Meters (m)
0.225 Meters (m)
0.065 Meters (m)

Step 1: Click the practise nails on the individual finger tips.

Step 2: Now you can stick on tips or sculpting forms to the practise nails as you please, in order to practise all kinds of nail sculpting, e.g. gel nails, sculpting forms, acrylic nails, fibreglass or the airbrush technique. You can even practise refills or repairing of nails at any time.

Tip: Should you run out of practise nails you can order them from us quoting article number 9983.

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