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Nail design training hand for nail design techniques
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Whether as a decoration or presentation hand or as Exercise and training manual, the nail design training manual is very versatile can be used. Mainly the hand is used, new techniques and methods of nail modeling and the different nail designs to try out. Thanks to the movable finger and the attachable nail design Trainer replacement finger tip, can again and again new creations designed,. tested and tried. The fingernails can covered with tips This can of course depending on the intended use, with gel, paint or other materials glued or edited. Especially beginners and Novices swear on this accessory, because training and instructions not always easy to get, and often very expensive. But not so in because we carry us - only high quality products. Who the training manual as a presentation would like to use, can do this easily because the tips glued-on can the clients in the Studio, for example, a glimpse of possible designs and Nailarts type. In the shop window and in the premises on the Desk or the waiting area is laid out, the hand is certainly a an absolute eye-catcher thanks to the moving finger also when viewing or Edit very handy and comfortable. Check out this product.

0.222 Meters (m)
0.08 Meters (m)
0.065 Meters (m)

Step 1: Insert the tips in the slight cavity of the fingers or apply sculpting forms.

Step 2: The fingers are flexible and remain in the aligned position. Now you can sculpt each nail separately.

Tip: Use the practise hand for the hand to be exhibited. This way you will always show your own creations from their best side!

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