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Nail design trainer finger Tips for training use
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Practice makes perfect — so it takes its time to to the techniques of the nails and nail design with all its many Ruled pages. Having to experiment not always to the customer, there are the nail design trainer replacement finger tip, at the nail design training Hand can be attached. This accessory is essential for all the Jen-, who wish to educate themselves or try out new trends. Many Nail designers use this replacement tip of finger her also in the Studio New trends and Nailarts customers to present, because this can easily is. As a figurehead this hand is especially well, da latest manicure techniques presented and presented can be. Materials and products for training and instructions are in each nail salon to find, but does anyone have such a high quality, as our products. This product has flexible nail tips in sizes 20 x 5 and is therefore especially suitable for the experiment. The tips can be easily fixed on the training manual to the fingers and are Methods suitable for all nails, nail design and nail art. Even as Exhibition hand on their own premises for customers is the hand in Combined with these parts very presentable, since there is no 0815 Manufacturing is. We provide you with a quality product, from which you are should necessarily convincing.  

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