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Education and Training

Nail art education and nail design training for nail art with tutorials

Nail design education, instructions, training, videos and nail art DVD movies from the leading manufacturer NDED. Nail designer is not an on-the-job training career, like so many jobs in the beauty industry, but is based on extra training. It takes more than a few short attempts to learn nail care, skin care and nail design - several weeks of preparation in the field are necessary as well as in-depth medical and hygienic knowledge regarding nail care and skin. However, training as a nail designer is not regulated uniformly and some studios have had to deal with unqualified applicants. Nail design training must provide the basics, which involve the hygienic and medical side of nail design as well as the various materials and equipment used. The handling of tools, instruments and material can’t be ignored and, furthermore, nail designers have to be strong when dealing with customers who aren’t always easy. Maintaining customer relations has to be learned as much as in any other service position. However, the focus of the nail design are the modelling instructions for artificial fingernails, in other words for acrylic nails. This is not that difficult to learn with a few tips and tricks, but just like UV gel modelling, it takes a bit of practice before you can actually start working on and for customers. Training materials such as DVDs, training hands and replacement fingertips are located in the following pages along with brochures that explain the individual steps in detail. These materials are also relevant for hobby nail designers because they provide an in-depth introduction to a complex subject. Manicure education and training and best nail tutorials for french pedicure.

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