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Cotton pads for removing make-or for removing of nail polish
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The NAIL-EON Cotton Pads are made of cotton cloths, which were pressed into a comfortable round shape. On one side of the cotton pad a thin white film is attached, allowing you to hold the pad. Through the thin film on the other side of the cotton pad, you can soak the desired liquid without touching your nails in it.

If you want to use the pad for removing Make up you should soak the pad with the corresponding liquid. So you can remove your make up on a smooth and easy way. During the day some dust, dirt and dead skin cells collects on your skin. This is perfectly and easily removable with a cleaning liquid and the NAIL-EON Cotton pad. With a cotton pad a fast, easy and thorough cleaning of your face is possible. In our practical and small packaging the NAIL-EON Cotton Nail Designs easily fit into any handbag, simply the ideal travel guide.
Also for varnishing your nail polish on finger and toenails the cotton pads are very beneficial. The NAIL-EON Cotton Pads take the liquid on very well and completely and perfectly remove any nail polish. With the practical slide, you can simply hold the cotton pad and your hands do not come into contact with the liquid.


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