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Nail design accessories – UV gel brush
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Whether or not the modeling of your nails with gel in the private or moved in the commercial sector, is completely irrelevant. One is always: Use high-quality and for the nail design technology appropriate products and accessories. All about us in the range leading brushes have been made from the best raw materials, as well as our UV gel brush. This is a thin varnish wooden handle well in the Hand, so that any amateur or Professional nail designers use it easily can. A nickeled brass ferrule mounted on wood, includes the fine brush bristles, lined and close fitting. Thus you can use the Nail gel drip-free record. A precise drawing and modelling finest Nothing in the way is working on the nail. It does not matter whether A primer, surface-mounted, Versieglungs-, or color gel process. Optional can our gel brushes in sizes 4 and 6, with a straight or oblique form and get into a black and transparent handle color. So that we can guarantee a long service life, we recommend Them the brush regularly with our brush cleaner to clean. Soak just a Zellette into the cleaner and pull it a few times by Bristle approach to bottom away. If you a professional nail modeling with Gel is close to the heart, then decide to quickly for our UV gel brush Nail Studio-quality sound.  

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