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Nail Salon Equipment

Replacement bags for vacuum  Nail Salon Equipment Replacement bags for vacuum
2,48 € *
Paraffin wax Nail Salon Equipment Paraffin wax
4,12 € *
Paraffin wax bath footies Nail Salon Equipment Paraffin wax bath footies
7,20 € *
Replacement fluorescent tube Nail Salon Equipment Replacement fluorescent tube
10,54 € *
NAIL-EON Ultrasonic Cleaner Nail Salon Equipment NAIL-EON Ultrasonic Cleaner
20,59 € *
NAIL-EON nail dust vacuum Nail Salon Equipment NAIL-EON nail dust vacuum
25,08 € *
NAIL-EON Naildesign Dust vacuuming Nail Salon Equipment NAIL-EON Naildesign Dust vacuuming
25,08 € *
NAIL-EON paraffin wax set Nail Salon Equipment NAIL-EON paraffin wax set
30,21 € *
nded Studio Chair Nail Salon Equipment nded Studio Chair
from 43,13 € *
NAIL-EON LED Work station lamp Nail Salon Equipment NAIL-EON LED Work station lamp
31,43 € *
promed 620 electric nail file Nail Salon Equipment promed 620 electric nail file
89,97 € *
promed de luxe Nail Salon Equipment promed de luxe
167,61 € *
nded Studio Table Blue/White Nail Salon Equipment nded Studio Table Blue/White
287,21 € *
nded Studio Table Brown Nail Salon Equipment nded Studio Table Brown
287,21 € *

Nail salon equipment for daily use including furniture, equipment and wholesale supplies

Nail salon equipment and nail art design supplies by nded.com online shop - Nail studio equipment and furnishings - nail design can be very time consuming if you want to shape and design artificial nails. But the care and design of natural fingernails is made easier with special technical equipment. So if anyone wants to re-equip their nail studio, replace equipment or needs equipment for nail care at home, they are more than welcome to browse through our catalog. Our catalog pages list equipment that you need for professional nail designs and to make the overview easier we have sorted the equipment by use. You can also look specifically for electric files or take a closer look at the variety of UV equipment. We also carry various equipment for vacuuming and for cleaning artificial nails. Hygiene is very important. For artificial nails it is important to keep the design equipment hygienically clean because infections in the nail bed are uncomfortable and heal poorly. Equipment to vacuum the dust from filing and grinding artificial nails keep the air clean and prevent the fine dust from settling on the skin, the natural nail and the equipment. Cleaning equipment can help keep the nails hygienic and clean, which isn’t possible with other equipment. After all, microscopically small particles settle in places that can only be cleaned with ultrasound cleaners - this is common with eyewear and jewelry. Nail studio equipment and devices should always be hygienic, clean and of high quality, only then will your customers be continuously satisfied. Nail salon equipment, furniture, nail art devices and accessories wholesale supplies by nded.com online store. 

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