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Gel Polish

Gel polish is UV nail polish for fingernails

Today colored nails are a part of daily life. NAIL-EON gel lack is the durable variant of UV nail polish for everyone who does not want artificially shaped nails but still want to benefit from the long durability of the color on the natural nail. NAIL-EON gel polish is available in high gloss colors, as a matt version and as a highlight polish to be painted over the desired color. It is applied like a nail polish and then hardened under a UV light for two minutes. Then remove the dispersion layer and the beauty treatment is complete. The honey effect smooths the nail polish and you won’t have any unattractive brush strokes on your nails. The color polish on a gel basis holds for up to six weeks and is suitably for daily wear. It doesn’t chip and is scratch-proof. If you want a new color, you can simply soften the UV gel polish with remover and remove it with an orange stick. As with normal gel shaping, you can also decorate your nails with nail art and give your hands that special touch. We offer a big selection of colors and combination possibilities to stimulate your imagination and make your customers happy. Take a look through our store and you won’t miss these innovations of the highest quality standards. The products from nded e.K. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate)
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