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Nail Polish

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Nail Polish Trends Nail polish store for groomed and natural fingernails look even better with polish and perfectly underscore the individual personality. Not only does the personal preference for colors play a role, but the reason for wearing them...
Base Coats and Top Coats With top coat and base coat finish nail polishes you will have high-gloss fingernails. Finish nail polishes seal your natural nails or artificial fingernails.
Stamping Nail Polish In this category of our range you will find various stamping polishes. Our stamping polishes are perfectly suited for the stamping designs. All stamping polishes have high adhesive qualities, do not smear, dry quickly, and...

Nail Polish and a variety of colors for nail designs applied at home or in the salon

Nail polishes are important for healthy and cared-for fingernails because, once hardened, the tasteful coating protects from mechanical injuries such as scratches, ridges, scuffs and cracks as well as high wear. Nails that are subject to pressure in daily work break easier - office work such as typing on a computer, handling papers or similar work should not be underestimated because especially long nails are subject to particular wear here. A coating of polish deflects most of the wear and gives the nails time to regenerate if they have already been damaged. However, nail polish doesn’t necessarily mean bright red - any color is possible. High-quality nail polishes can be in any shade from red to pink or soft blush and white and for more colorful tastes, of course, every color from yellow to purple is available. You can always adapt the color of your nails to your outfit and your daily mood, according to the event, discreet, elegant, eye-catching, adventurous or freaky. Along with color polishes, we also sell all possible polishes for nail care, including nail polish remover, nail polish thinners, solutions, stabilizers, cuticle removers and similar products. Our nail polishes and tools are all send directly from the manufacturer. This means we can not only guarantee the highest quality and safety but we can also offer the best staggered price for large amounts. Our pages have everything you need to operate your nail studio or for individual nail design at home. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).
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