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Magic magnetic are magnetic pen pens for nail art designs
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Color gels and gel coat are the nail art no longer become indispensable. They are ideal for the most beautiful designs and can be combined with all elements of the nail art. The own ideas almost nothing in the way. Although there are many options, such as the nails decorated are can, always new ways you want. Our NAIL-EON Magic magnet is a perfect way Her nails to give a very special nail art. For this you need our magnetic gel varnish. Work the steps as well as with each other Gel varnish. Can be through this special type of nail design Enchanted paint. You have two ways of to use. For one, you can use the gel paint like any conventional gel varnish, the special thing about it is but the ability to draw patterns with the magnet in the paint. Do think to do this the magnet carefully in the vicinity of the nail. Touch the paint not with the magnets, or magnetic particles can not align themselves. The magnet for different patterns with us. If you the have reached the desired pattern, harden the varnish and seal it with a layer of clear coat. You will not have to save himself from envious eyes can. Try our gel coating and the corresponding pen, the you find also in our shop. Make sure that all of our products by are the highest quality. You will be completely amazed.

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