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Vylet Nails wet look clear polish
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No problem is to put a high gloss on the nails with the Vylet-Nails wet look clear coat. It is designed for the wet look and completed each nail art. You can seal when using this Nail Polish, as a final layer, wonderfully motifs of the Stampingtechnik. The finish Nail Polish comes in a beautifully designed glass bottle containing 15 ml. The screw cap above covers a longer brush the bottle reliable and houses. This has been designed precisely, because he always takes the right amount of nail polish on the brush hair. The black, elegant nail polish bottle is an eye-catcher already only visually. The beautiful curved font with the Vylet-Nails logo completes the impression. In the application he not differs from other excess paint. It opens the bottle with a twist, takes out the screw lid with integrated brush and provides unique stripe on the neck of the bottle, that too much of the product on the applicator remains. Then you dough nail nail nail approach below the cuticle to the nail tip and. You quickly realize that the application is very easy. The wet look paint must not repeatedly be applied as a layer produces the popular and trendy wet look effect. The painted natural nails dry quickly with a proven durability. Shine with perfect fingernails and enjoy affordable professional products.

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