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Finish nail polish – NDED top coat – sealing polish
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The nded top coat is a specially designed Nail Polish, which is colourless and also high-gloss. If you apply it pure, it protects your natural nail. Previously applied color paint does not chip and Flake it also no corners. He is extremely scratch-resistant and dries quickly in the air. Artificial nails can also be protected with our top coat from external influences. You will immediately notice that this product is a professional finish Nail Polish. It's really simple to use. Apply the top coat over the dry lacquer. Allow it to dry for a short time on the air. Your perfectly polished nails are done. If you prefer style your nails a natural look, the special paint is applied once to the unpainted natural nails. Have you discovered ever stains from darker color paints whose colour pigments on your nail? Protect your nails from such ugly remnants and use base coat the nded as a first layer of the paint of your desire. Then continue with your color selection, and seal top coat all well dried out layers with our nded at the end. The excess paint should be refreshed after two or three days. The good adhesion you will enjoy very long on your beautiful and manicured fingernails. Contents: either 15 ml or 4000 ml. professional there are top-quality products at fair prices only at nded.

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