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Finish nail polish, sealing polish
You have little time to manicure your nails, paint with a nail art to decorate and then everything to get scratch-resistant and durable? Everything no problem! At the beginning, file your nails to the desired length and shape. Then apply a base coat. After drying, you now paint the color paint on your nails. While this coating in the moist State is a beautiful nail art can be with work. The nail polish should be completely cure with the nail art. Afterwards we recommend our nded sealer paint. You can wear it over the finished painted nails easy. It protects your color Nail Polish and your ornament on the nail, so that neither can scratches in the paint, nor that your nail art dissolves. This finish nail polish can be easily applied by its density. Also a hardening under a light curing unit is not necessary, because it dries in the air, like any other ordinary nail varnishes. Still, you will give a beautiful shine your nails, including the nail art - motives. If you were looking for quite a while after such a seal, you have become finally find it at us. So, don't wait any longer and order a high-quality product for your nail sealer at a low price.

Nail design without machine curing: create beautiful natural or artificial nails without using electric devices, totally independent from power supply. With this seal, we have marked the products that cure by themselves upon contact to the air.

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