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Gel Nail Kits

Gel nail kits for beautiful nails using gel sets with UV light

UV gel kit & LED gel set - Nail design beginners save a lot of money when buying UV gel starter sets & LED gel sets and immediately have a complete range to be able to practice complete nail modelling. The professional UV gel starter sets from nded have been certified repeatedly and are, of course, available with safety data sheets. Beginners can look forward to the highest quality products in the field of nail design since these come directly from the leading manufacturer nded. UV gel starter sets & LED gel sets are therefore also perfectly suited to the most renowned nail studios and online stores. Well-maintained fingernails are decoration for any woman’s hand. They can sparkle like jewels, set colorful and glittering accents, give an elegant appearance or be a real eye catcher - basically they are the icing on the cake of a cared for and coordinated appearance. But a well planned and artistic treatment is stressful for the natural nails and, after awhile, makes them appear cracked, torn and dull. This is not only unattractive, but also enables infections in the nail and surrounding tissues - nothing to laugh about. Artificial fingernails can protect and care for the natural nail. These form a thin film on the natural nails and keep nail design polishes, removers and external influences away from the nails. In particular, the flexible and soft but very durable gel nails are well-suited to giving the natural nail a well-deserved time out for care and recovery. The gel products in our selection do not pose a health problem, are of high quality and perfectly coordinated. They make a simple nail design like a French manicure possible, but can also be pepped up with colors, glittery stones, inlays, stickers and other decorations. The following pages in our nail art catalog show cleverly designed sets that make it possible for you to efficiently create artful gel nails. Along with UV gel starter set, UV lamps, instructions and information brochures on the subject of gel nails, we offer all necessary gel products as well as the right tools for designing gel nails. Products from ndede.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).

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