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Nail Art Kit

Striper Set Nail Art Kit Striper Set
6,95 € *
Manicure brush set Nail Art Kit Manicure brush set
9,95 € *
nded diamond tip box 100 pieces Nail Art Kit nded diamond tip box 100 pieces
from 3,13 € *
Mosaic Tips Nail Art Kit Mosaic Tips
7,45 € *
57,31 € / 100 g
Patterned nail tips Nail Art Kit Patterned nail tips
from 6,20 € *
Nail Spikes Nail Art Kit Nail Spikes
2,25 € *
Christmas Set 5 Nail Art Kit Christmas Set 5
2,06 € *
Fimo “fruit salad” Nail Art Kit Fimo “fruit salad”
2,95 € *
Fingernail rings Nail Art Kit Fingernail rings
from 1,95 € *
Fizz-Nail-Set One Nail Art Kit Fizz-Nail-Set One
from 1,88 € *
Nail art pops 50 PCs Nail Art Kit Nail art pops 50 PCs
0,00 € *
Nded Glamour Nail Wraps - Cheetah Nail Art Kit Nded Glamour Nail Wraps - Cheetah
from 1,80 € *
Neon stones  display (round) 2 mm Nail Art Kit Neon stones display (round) 2 mm
4,45 € *
Nail design training set Nail Art Kit Nail design training set
80,74 € *
Leaf shelleys, colored Nail Art Kit Leaf shelleys, colored
9,03 € *
nded Nail Wraps - Dots Nail Art Kit nded Nail Wraps - Dots
0,90 € *
15,00 € / 100 g
Christmas Set 4 Nail Art Kit Christmas Set 4
1,59 € *
Christmas Set 3 Nail Art Kit Christmas Set 3
1,23 € *
Christmas Set 2 Nail Art Kit Christmas Set 2
5,32 € *
Christmas Set 1 Nail Art Kit Christmas Set 1
5,27 € *
Nail art kits with accessories for beginner and trendy nails
If you don't want to take the time to put individual components for creative nail art together from the shop, then the nail art kit are just the right thing. Various design elements in different colors are put together in the sets so that new and unique compositions are always possible. This makes the designed nails an eye-catcher, decoration and the business card of the wearer as well as the nail salon where the nail art was designed.

Coordinating elements in different colors are put together in the various nail art sets. When this design is applied to the nail, the nail art looks very professional and coherent. The applications and compositions are possible in many variations, there are no limits to the imagination. Depending on the element, you can use the contents of different sets at the same time. Glitter particles in neon match perfectly to ring or sequins, which are also used in neon colors. And all different particles or shapes in the glitter style can be combined easily in various manners. Therefore, a selection of sequins, butterflies and flakes can be used to design a unique small landscape on the nails that is certainly to be a sensational eye-catcher. Depending on the event, the colors and elements can be selected to create elegant or even striking nail art.

Anyone who values self-created nail art will find the colors in the set ideal. Whether a one-stroke technique, the use of nail art pens or the application of colors with a brush – the set contains numerous shades that can be mixed well with each other. The color gel sets, which are available for example in pastels or bold individual colors, are suitable for creating nail art directly with UV gels. Nail art in tone-in-tone is so easily possible, the result is a complete look.

The nail art sets from our store are just as suitable for private use as well as for the professional nail salon. The kits are also very popular, not only due to the complete compositions but also because of the price. When browsing this category, each user will quickly find what they are looking for and will certainly find the right nail art set for the respective need. In addition to the sets, all other equipment and accessories for perfect nail design and long-lasting nails are available in the nded shop!

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