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Manicure Sets

Wholesale manicure sets supplies - buy cheap electric manicure kits
The classic manicure kit that is a must at home as well as as a practical tool in the handbag, consists of a few basic items that enable thorough nail care. Even fast repairs, such as a torn natural or artificial nail, are possible with the sets and often prevent even worse damage. The nail remains attractive and beautiful in every situation.

The basic equipment in the manicure set is often stored in a practical bag. Depending on whether the sets are intended for thorough nail care at home or to be stored practically in the handbag or in a cosmetic case, the sets vary in size and scope. However, this always contains one or more files in different grains, high-quality nail scissors or a nail clipper as well as various accessories such as cuticle knives or cuticle sticks for gently pushing back the cuticles or cleaning dirt or gel residue from under the nails after the manicure. The travel sets generally include similar basic equipment, often in miniature format or as an intelligent double tool. The items are stored in beautiful and practical bags that are securely closed with a zipper. Depending on the quality, the bags are made of plastic, artificial leather or even real leather in the luxury version.

Manicure sets for professional use are less suited for use on the road and often include a significantly larger range or even electric nail cutters for the manicure and nail care. Often these sets also contain such a equipment to help care for the skin, such as a corn scraper. The grinding machines have numerous attachments that can be used for filing, grinding and polishing. Especially if not only manicures, but also pedicures are meant to be performed with the set, stronger devices such as nail scissors are required. This is due to the circumstance that toenails are often considerably more stable than fingernails.

The nded shop offers high-quality manicure sets, the equipment included are made of resilient and durable material, manicure equipment of metal are of course made of stainless steel. For all sets, remember that the equipment should be cleaned of dirt and fine dust after use. The utensils are ready immediately for the next use. The corresponding suitable cleaning methods are listed in the manufacturer's instructions. 

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