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Gel Nail Polish Kits

Wholesale gel nail polish kits supplies for luxury nails with gel polish and UV light
Durable polishes that certainly will not chip are always possible with the polishes from the UV nail polish kit. The high-quality carbon polishes are designed to hold up even under stress on the nail and ensure a flawless and beautiful surface over a long period. The color schemes in the sets mean new combinations can always be created, the right UV nail polish for any polish is at your fingertips. In some sets, various tools are included as accessories making complete nail modeling possible with the help of the contents.

Carbon color polishes offer several application benefits. The high-quality UV polishes are very easy to apply and the special viscosity means they smoothen on their own after application. This means there is no polishing or grinding, the nail looks perfect from the outset and for several weeks. The carbon in the polish makes the nail particularly resistant to mechanical damages and other stresses. In addition, a seductive gloss, which emphasizes the brilliance of the color, ensures flawless beautiful nails that attract attention. The long durability requires careful application in thin layers. Each layer must be cured separately under the UV lamp. The number of layers depends on the desired color intensity and the design. The carbon polishes from UV nail polish sets can be mixed together and combined for creative nail art effects.

We offer the different starter sets in our online shop. Multiple UV color polishes in various coordinated shades as well as a detailed work instructions are always included. Optionally, the kits can contain additional accessories such as a UV light bulb, a remover or pads. Buffers, files, rosewood sticks and polishing oil are also part of the equipment in various sets.

With our starter sets, you can test the simple application of carbon UV polishes with ease. The gel polish can also be applied to the natural nail just as well as on the shaped acrylic or gel nail. A base coat is recommended as a base on the natural nail to protect the nail from changing color. A bonding agent applied under the priming gel ensures a better grip. The UV color nail polish combines the benefits of nail varnish and UV gel in one product and promise long shine, bright colors and the best durability! 

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