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Starter set: Vylet-Nails revolution NAIL-EON UV gel set
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The Vylet-Nails Revolution NAIL-EON UV gel Kit provides you with the ideal start into the nail design Business. Starter sets are not only for newcomers the ideal companion, but also existing nail Studios offer a super set, where all products, the are required for a perfect and beautiful nails. In this set included products are all made in studio quality. We lead in addition to this set many more UV gel kits in our Range. To make the entry as easy as possible, you will receive a work described by us great detail and instruction manual supplied. The complete scope of supply includes: nail design light unit: - 1 x light curing unit (4 x 9Watt) - 3 minutes timer UV gels:-1 x Vylet-Nails Revolution primer, type: 15 ml - 1 x Vylet-Nails Revolution, type: bonding 15 ml - 1 x Vylet-Nails Revolution builder gel, type: rose - clear 1 x 15 ml - Vylet-Nails Revolution french gel, type: white 15 ml - 1 x Vylet-Nails Revolution sealing gel, type: 15 ml tips and glue: - 1 x Pro Tip box filled with 500 tips - 1 x nail design nail Glue 3 ml tools: - chrome 1 x Professional Tip cutter - 1 x nail Design Studio-gel-brush - 10 x professional Studio banana file, 100 / 180, sorted - 1 x rosewood chopsticks (5 PCs) order 1 x buffer/sanding block-10 x professional studio just file, 100 / 180, - 1 x pads 500Stück Special paints and fluids: - 1 x nail cleaner special 100 ml.


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