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Promed home UV gel set for nail modeling
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Who starts with the nail modeling, involves a lot of Accessories. Starter Kits are as quite particularly well suited, because in a UV gel Set is everything, what is needed and what you need. With our Promed UV gel home set get a comprehensive Basic equipment allows you to work nice model layers. You get a light unit, a Three-minute timer and 4 x 9 tube has. It is mirrored. Also are in the set a medium viscosity 1-phase gel with a size of 15 ml, a ProFi tip box with 100 nail tips in different sizes and a 3 ml tip adhesive contain. The necessary tools composed of one professional Banana file in a grit 180 / 100, 5 rosewood chopsticks, 500 pads, a tip cutter, as well as a gel brush together. Since special liquids on under no circumstances may be missing, are set 100 ml nail of cleaner and better A primer contained liability. The comprehensive Kit is a Professional instruction is rounded. We offer you not only the highest quality of our Products, but also many years of experience as a producer. Try us and our service, they will be excited and confident. You take advantage of our comprehensive set to your professional nail salon at home set up to can.

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