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NAIL-EON UV gel starter set
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In addition to skill and practice, it belongs to a nail modeling proper equipment. Especially at the beginning of the career as a stylist / in must many equipment, in addition to the UV light bulb be worried. Starter sets with a UV gel set are perfect right to have everything in place, what you need. No matter whether you make the nails at home or your mobile Nail salon would like to use our NAIL-EON UV gel Starter is set ideal for both. You get a mirrored in the extensive set UV light curing unit that has a 3-minute timer operation and 9Watt has 4 x lamps. Of course are all required UV gels in the a 5-ml jar thereby. With priming gel, rose building gel, white French gel and sealing gel can create a beautiful French model location. For the Nail extension a Profi Tip box is filled with 100 tips as well as a Nail glue containing 3 ml content. Tools must not of course also missing, therefore get a chrome-plated professional tip cutter, a brush, 2 just professional Studio files in the granulation 100 / 180, a buffer sanding block five rosewood sticks and 1 x 500 piece pads. 100 ml nail cleaner Special for better adhesion a primer and a detailed modelling Instructions complete the offer. We offer you not only experience of manufacturer, but also highest quality of our products. Save this comprehensive set! You are our Service and our products to be completely convinced.

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