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NAIL EON UV gel set
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There are to collect numerous nail design starter set in terms of nail art that allow beginners to take the first steps in the field of nail design and experience. But not all contain so much professional accessories, such as this coordinated selection of our products. If you prefer it rather, his nails himself to design and maintain, for which the NAIL-EON UV gel is the ideal starter set set. The UV gel Kit is supplied with many accessories that simplify the entry and the first attempts. The following articles are included in addition to a detailed and professional instruction for use: 1 light-curing unit with 4 x 9W incl. three-minute timer and a continuous operation mode 5 ml priming gel 5 ml building gel Rosé/clear 5 ml Frech manicure gel white 5 ml sealing gel 100 professional tips, packed in a high-quality tip box 5 x 3 ml nail glue professional tip cutter 1 Studio gel brush chrome 5 Professional Studio file 180 / 100 grit just 10 professional banana files 180 / 100 grit 2 buffer sanding blocks 5 Orange wood sticks 500 pads 100 ml Nailcleaner Liquid 1 top coat 15 ml nail oil for nail 1 primer glitter Santi Steinchen piercing this product provides professional, easy work. The supplied UV unit is in white or silver - according to your taste. We guarantee you high-quality Studio.

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