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Color gel sets

The color gel kits in the nded shop normally consist of UV color gels, which are also available for purchase individually. It is very easy to purchase individual replacements from the set, thus all of the colors will always be available. It is particularly exciting to combine various colors with the same texture or the same color with differing textures. This creates nailart effects that show their specialness and that something extra only upon second look. Due to the differences, the similarities of the color nuances are emphasized and an exciting work of art is created on the nails. It is particularly fun and effective to mix the individual colors in the sets on the nails randomly or in a pattern. This creates a colorful full cover mix that has a basic variety but still has common elements on every nail.
Color gel kits are still the ideal sets for beginners, french manicure and pedicure. The selection of various colors makes the first experiments easy, sets with medium viscosity color gels that also have a honey effect and smooth out on their own are particularly suitable. The benefits of these gels: Intricate filing, which is challenging especially for beginners, is no longer needed. The selection in the nded shop contains color gel sets from the nded selection as well as premium combinations for particularly sophisticated nail designs.
When purchasing a color gel set with various UV gels remember that the base coat, building gel and top coat are generally not contained in the set. The same applies goes for the UV light. The color gel sets consist exclusively of color gels that match. Nailart elements that can be combined with most color gels have to be ordered separately. For beginners in nail design who want to to be well equipped from the start, we recommend the complete sets as a starter set from our nailart selection. 
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