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Nail Kits

NAIL-EON paraffin wax set Nail Kits NAIL-EON paraffin wax set
29,99 € *
YOUMAXX Pedicure Tool Nail Kits YOUMAXX Pedicure Tool
from 4,69 € *
NAIL-EON UV gel set Nail Kits NAIL-EON UV gel set
47,90 € *
Nail foil - silver Nail Kits Nail foil - silver
1,19 € *
Manicure brush set Nail Kits Manicure brush set
18,85 € *
Striper Set Nail Kits Striper Set
3,89 € *
Acrylic and cuticle nippers Nail Kits Acrylic and cuticle nippers
from 5,04 € *
nded acrylic starter set Nail Kits nded acrylic starter set
18,99 € *
Nail Spikes Nail Kits Nail Spikes
1,88 € *
Patterned nail tips Nail Kits Patterned nail tips
5,67 € *
nded UV gel refill set Nail Kits nded UV gel refill set
14,99 € *
NAIL-EON home UV gel set Nail Kits NAIL-EON home UV gel set
34,49 € *
nded diamond tip box 100 pieces Nail Kits nded diamond tip box 100 pieces
4,65 € *
Nded Glamour Nail Wraps - Cheetah Nail Kits Nded Glamour Nail Wraps - Cheetah
2,00 € *
Fimo “fruit salad” Nail Kits Fimo “fruit salad”
4,71 € *
Nail piercing tray  Nail Kits Nail piercing tray
8,59 € *
Fingernail rings  Nail Kits Fingernail rings
12,60 € *
nded Pedicure - Nail Clippers Box Nail Kits nded Pedicure - Nail Clippers Box
2,79 € *
Neon stones  display (round) 2 mm Nail Kits Neon stones display (round) 2 mm
3,69 € *
Nail art Airbrush Kit Nail Kits Nail art Airbrush Kit
115,80 € *
nded LED Starter Set Nail Kits nded LED Starter Set
54,90 € *
Vylet-Nails acrylic set Nail Kits Vylet-Nails acrylic set
44,69 € *
nded sample acrylic set Nail Kits nded sample acrylic set
7,55 € *
Paraffin wax bath footies Nail Kits Paraffin wax bath footies
8,57 € *
YOUMAXX Pedicure slippers 12 pares Nail Kits YOUMAXX Pedicure slippers 12 pares
11,43 € *
promed 620 electric nail file Nail Kits promed 620 electric nail file
178,45 € *
Christmas Set 4 Nail Kits Christmas Set 4
9,56 € *
Fizz-Nail-Set One Nail Kits Fizz-Nail-Set One
6,25 € *
Nail design training set Nail Kits Nail design training set
168,00 € *
Mosaic Tips Nail Kits Mosaic Tips
8,87 € *
nded Manicure Set - 3-Piece Travel Set Nail Kits nded Manicure Set - 3-Piece Travel Set
4,23 € *
nded sample UV gel set Nail Kits nded sample UV gel set
10,71 € *

Please select the appropriate sub-category to Nail Kits:

Nail Art Kit
The carefully assembled nail art kit make nail design possible in a variety of new and creative versions. The nail art items from the various sets can be freely combined and conjure up nail designs from extravagant to stylish on natural and artificial nails. The combinations of the individual items are coordinated to create a harmonious overall impression.
Manicure Sets
Manicure kit contain simply everything necessary for well-maintained fingernails. The practical sets include tools for filing and polishing, but also for trimming nails. Depending on the scope and size, the compositions are suitable for the professional nail salon, for home, or for a quick manicure on the go.
Pedicure Kits
The pedicure kit offer care for one of the most important parts of the body. The intelligent compilations include everything needed for beautiful and well maintained feet. With regular use, the feet will look not only neat and beautiful, but the effort will be rewarded with a sturdy foot and a good body feeling.
Gel Nail Kits
UV gel nail kits and LED gel sets are less expensive than products purchased individually. UV gel starter sets a contain all products needed for professional nail shaping. Products from nded e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate). Sets are for...
Gel Nail Polish Kits
Anyone who wants to avoid putting together individual items for nail design can't go wrong with the UV nail polish kit from our shop. The carefully selected combination of carbon polishes and various work tools is ideal for beginners. The kits contain the long-lasting color polishes in different colors and combinations. Full cover as well as imaginative nail art on the natural nail is now children's play.
Acrylic Nail Kits
Best acrylic nail kits with acrylic products for beautiful acrylic nails. Acrylic starter sets are more economical than individually purchased nail design products and are therefore more suitable for nail art beginners. Acrylic nails are more stable than gel nails...
Test Kits
Trial kits and sets are ideal for nail design beginners and nail salons. Trial sets are less expensive than purchasing individual products.
Wholesale nail kits supplies with pedicure tools for french manicures

Nail salon sets (nail kits) offer everything needed for professional nail design. The sets for beginners have been put together for beginners to easily start working in the area of nail design and have all materials at hand. On the other hand, owners of professional nail studios as well as professional nail artists can find everything their hearts desire: The materials used are of the highest quality and correspond to European standards in every regard. The products leave nothing to be desired, they are sent directly from the manufacturer which enables us to guarantee a good price for the product. You’ll find various sets in our catalog, of course we will also put together practical all-in-one kits for any need. Along with gel sets and acrylic sets from the Vylet Nails product line, we have sets with gel products from sets with acrylic products, a refill set from the company NDED and, of course, samples. The sets contain hardening equipment, timers, all necessary materials and tools. Tips and adhesives of good quality and designed for the other materials will also be supplied. This makes the sets especially attractive for the initial setup at newly opened nail studios. As with almost every product we offer, the staggered prices apply. This means that in larger orders the sets are less expensive than for individual orders. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).

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