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3-sided nded buffer

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In order to perform artificial nail modeling, it is important to slightly roughen up the surface of the nail plate. The 3-sided nded buffer is an excellent choice. It slightly roughens up the finger nails, and sands down larger surfaces of the nail.
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3-sided nded buffer Buffer + Polishing Blocks
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Buffer, 3-sided polishing block for manicures and nail design

You want artificial Model nails and still a good sanding block are you missing? Use For grinding larger areas of the nail or the rough to nded buffer 3-sided from our shop in place of traditional nail files. With him You can before you glue the tip, your natural nails something rough and tarnish without requiring you to thin down file the nail surface. Then can You easily your tip aukleben and secure 100% be, that this is will not remove your nail surface is completely roughed and grease without having yet shiny patches can be seen. Also make sure overlooked that the tip is properly glued and not on the sides of the nail or is too narrow. Or but put the buffer for a grinding of resulting unevenness through a gel or acrylic technology a. Often comes After the on modelling, that irregularities in the gel or acrylic arise. You can pave better it with the buffer, as with one Nail file. Both are with this three-sided sanding block, in the colors Orange and purple, possible. He is one of the buffers + polishing block that the for a professional nail design is not easily missed. Can enjoy its quality in nail Studio-quality sound directly from the manufacturer.

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