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Scented Files

nded fragrant files Scented Files nded fragrant files
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nded fragrant files Orange Scented Files nded fragrant files Orange
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nded fragrant files Vanilla Scented Files nded fragrant files Vanilla
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nded fragrant files Apple Scented Files nded fragrant files Apple
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nded fragrant files Lemon Scented Files nded fragrant files Lemon
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Files with designs and scented files for fake nail designs

Would you like to enjoy the fresh scent of lemons or the exotic scent of coconut or mango during the nail modelling? Or would you prefer the romantic scent of vanilla? No matter what your preference, we have a large selection of scented files and the right one for every taste. You can choose from various scents such as vanilla, cherry, coconut, strawberry, orange, apple and mango. The scented files not only give off a fine aroma when used, they also add a splash of color to your work in nail modelling. Beautifully applied individual patterns are real highlights for the eyes. If you have a hard time choosing an aroma, the beautiful designs won’t make your choice any easier. You might as well try out all the files to find your absolute favorite.   The scented nail files are suitable for shaping and smoothing natural nails as well as artificial nails. It doesn’t matter if you have short, long, stiletto tips or oval shaped nails, the files can file any shape. The irresistible scent of these nails gives your nails a perfectly matching aroma. For each file to give off its scent properly, each file is wrapped separately. Take your time and look through our extensive selection in our fingernail store. You get products of the highest quality from us. See for yourself and look for your favorite fragrance in our scented files.

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