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Themed nail file with appealing design for good filing work
The color of the images may differ.

The motif nail products nail files / other files is to a sand paper file which is suitable with their grit 240 / 240 for all types of nail care. It can be used equally well for natural nails like for artificial nails, and even when the nail design is used it. Sensitive nails will regard the use of colorful file as pleasant. Even broken or torn nails can be gently and softly repaired and brought back into shape. The nail can be polished well with this file through the fine grit. Small bumps or grooves are so balanced. Polishing the nail has been a beautiful shine, he is now but also perfectly prepared for the paint, because this can be applied evenly. With a clear coat of gloss is enhanced, even a flawless result achieved with a lacquer on the polished nail. The nail file with image makes a cheerful alternative to conventional filing and spices up the filing work on. You is also suitable for the purse and can convince all the colorful design. The beautiful image of the file will heat up your girlfriends envious glances. This file should be avoided for nourishing nail cosmetics do not. They are distinguished by their high quality. You should not miss this file.

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