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Studio nail files, emery boards for nail modeling
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The Filing work is an effort not to be underestimated in the nails. It is completely unaware to many filing work can be as tedious. With the many different nail files, whether other files, straight or curved Files can be facilitated the work. Our nded Studio files, wide, can greatly easing the painstaking filing work contribute. The Nail files are ideally suited to the filing down of natural, gel or acrylic nails. They are wide shape especially well in hand and the extra wide Design Studio file is greater than the filing surface. The file is a Sand sheet file and can be used perfectly suited for natural nails. Also at She can be used well brittle nails, without harming the nails. Sand sheet files are always better than cutting nails. The File should be used to trim the nail as well as for the design be. In the modeling, small bumps can with the fine side be patched. The large side can grind off the gel or Acrylic modelling are used. All our products are on the cutting edge of producing UV-gel technique. We guarantee not only many years of experience in the production, but even the highest quality of our products. Try our professional files, you be completely amazed and wondering how you as long as it do without. Available in colours black, white and zebra.

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