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Professional files for nail modeling
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With our professional products you are ideal equipped. Also our nded is so Pro file, thick in its execution, a Special utensil for your nail collection. It is black and a very well padded foam core inside the equipped. The Special file is wider than other files. It lies well in the hand. You are enchanted quickly from your benefits. The extra wide Pro file allows you a more effective removal of model liner material, for example If you want to smooth uneven surfaces before sealing layer or the Form of the art nail large befeilen would. For the thorough Preparation of the natural nail before an art model is also can be used. Instead of a four-page buffers you can our presented here Use sand sheet file. The natural nail surface can in this way for the Attaching professional-tips or for which the priming layer gently are frosted. The extraordinary interior padding ensures that during the filing process not much pressure is exerted on the nail plate. This makes Their creative work not only easier but also more pleasant, as it is the Nails protect from too much heat. To trim your nail, it is recommended. Instead of cutting your nails, use file our thick professional prefer for this. Many other top products waiting here at our online store for their Discovery. Start your tour and benefit from our cheap price products and services.

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